PC Software

Examples of programs:

Mercedes Sprinter optional equipment control program developed in the QT Creator


  • Connection to the car additional equipment management system via a USB interface;

  • Transfer of control commands.

Converter diagnostic program via the CAN interface designed in an environment Qt Creator


  • Display reference information about the system connected via CAN;

  • Sensors data visualizations;

  • Saving incoming messages in a log file.

Diagnostics and management software developed in Borland Delphi 7


  • Display reference information about the connected via USB system;

  • Display and change the operation modes, system parameters, inputs outputs and data exchange with other devices;

  • Display, calibration and replacement of the sensors data;

  • Downloading diagnostic and error data from the control unit, stored in * .csv;

  • Display graphics of the temperature changing in real-time.

CAN Logger program developed in Qt Creator environment


  • Filtering incoming CAN messages;

  • Displaying incoming CAN messages;

  • Writing data in the tabular log file.